Manager 1522: Telefono Rosa


In February 1988 Telefono Rosa was born as a temporary tool, to carry out a search to bring out, through the direct voice of women, the violence submerged. In a tiny room, three volunteers, with the simple help of a notebook and a pen, alternate in listening to innumerable women who call from all over Italy. It is a careful and solid listening that qualifies Telefono Rosa, since its inception, as a new form of social service, run by experts and professionals. The gender violence is hugely spread out at various levels and in any social context. It often comes up within those commonly considered reassuring institutions such as the family, school and the workplace. Telefono Rosa is a service available to anyone who wants to break the chain of silence and its mission is to support victims with legal, psychological and economic advice. Since 2006 “Telefono Rosa –Onlus” has legal personality. The national Telefono Rosa is based in Rome and is currently co-operating with 72 volunteers, including 14 criminal and civil lawyers, 12 psychologists, 4 cultural mediators of different nationalities. Counselling is free and women are welcomed at the headquarters of the association. Telefono Rosa has been managing two shelter homes for several years, in which it can provide relief and support to family composed of women and their children. Since December 2012 the association manages the public utility number 1522. The voluntary national association Telefono Rosa Onlus is also a network of autonomous territorial associations with their own legal personality. Further information is available on the official website

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